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Ufesa SENSEI 12L Digital Air Fryer

Ufesa SENSEI 12L Digital Air Fryer

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More capacity with the Sensei Air Fryer. Thanks to its 12L you can cook dishes in large quantities.

Prepare your recipes in a healthier way, with its 360? high-speed air circulation technology, they will be perfect and with crunchy results.

Its time and temperature control is digital . It has a timer of up to 60 minutes and a temperature control up to 200?C.

It has a dehydrate function ! Its 10 preset programs will give you the greatest versatility when preparing your recipes, these are: French fries, meat, fish, seafood, chicken, bake, roast, dehydrate, preheat and defrost.

It also includes 6 accessories: 2 baking trays, oil collection tray, extractor tongs, 2.9L round rotating basket and roast hooks.

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