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Ufesa CV4000 Steamer Vaporino

Ufesa CV4000 Steamer Vaporino-Prepare your healthy food quickly and easily with the Vaporino Steamer. Thanks to it you can prepare your steamed food, preserving its vitamins and nutrients.

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Cook three dishes at the same time with its three stackable trays with a capacity of 9 litres. Vegetables, fish, rice and much more at the same time!

You will be able to control the water level , since it is visible, and if more water is missing you can easily add it during cooking through its lateral water inlet.

It has a 60-minute timer with automatic shutdown so you can prepare it and not have to worry about anything else.

3 stackable trays with a capacity of 9 liters
visible water level
Lateral water inlet to add it during cooking
60 min timer with auto shut off
Stainless steel body
Accessory: 1L bowl to prepare rice

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