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Ufesa CF0918 Katana Electric Wire Cutter

Ufesa Electric wire Cutter

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Ufesa Electric wire Cutter

PRACTICITY. 150W electric cum cutter ideal for professional perfect results with all types of food
DISC Removable stainless steel with diameter of 170 mm to achieve sheets perfect for cold meats, vegetables, bread or cheeses among others. Make it detachable allows for easy and quick washing.
THICKNESS REGULATOR. It has a system that allows you to adjust the thickness of the cut from 0 to 15 mm to be able to make slices of different sizes, according to preferences and type of food.
BASE. The food tray is foldable with a removable base allowing you to store it easily taking up as little space as possible.
SECURITY. The safety button as well as the non-slip base allows safe use at all times.

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