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GESKE 000643SC01 Anti-Aging Day Cream

GESKE 000643SC01 Anti-Aging Day Cream

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The Anti-Aging Day Cream with rambutan and sun protection factor was developed with the unique needs of more mature skin in mind.

The nourishing cream plumps up the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and promotes a fresh and youthful complexion. Depending on your needs, apply the cream once or twice a day to counteract the signs of aging skin. For an individual application routine, you can perform a skin scan in the GESKE app, which not only provides you with a precise analysis of your skin, but also tells you exactly which products you need. In Indonesia, the rambutan fruit is renowned for its wondrous medical benefits.

Blessed with a high water content, the super fruit has an important place in the Anti-Aging Day Cream, as it improves the hydration of the skin. This causes it to remain smooth and firm for a long time and generally improves the appearance of the skin. Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body, which, among other things, helps to strengthen the skin.

In the Anti-Aging Day Cream, collagen works externally to give the skin the moisture it needs to look fresh and radiant. Hyaluron is also a substance that is produced in the body. But the older we get, the less of our body’s own hyaluron is produced. That is why the Anti-Aging Day Cream comes enriched with much-needed hyaluron, which hydrates your skin and works to reduce wrinkles caused by dryness.

Shop now to pamper your skin with the best skincare products supporting your personalised skincare routine created by the GESKE app.

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