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GESKE 000640SC01 Facial Cleanser

GESKE 000640SC01 Facial Cleanser

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A good cleansing gel suited for daily use is one of the basic requirements for radiant and pure skin. The Facial Cleanser is a mild cleansing gel with aloe vera, glycerin and provitamin B5, which restore your natural glow every day. Thanks to its rich texture, you only need a small amount of the cleanser to remove even the most stubborn make-up residues. Use the cleanser for your morning as well as evening care routine and enjoy its relaxing effect even as you massage it into your skin. Our Pro Tip: With the GESKE SmartAppGuided facial brushes, the product can be worked into the skin even more thoroughly. The gentle massage function relaxes the skin, promotes circulation and cleanses in just a few seconds. The foaming face wash gel rejuvenates your skin with aloe vera, glycerin and provitamin B5. Aloe vera cools and soothes the skin, moisturizes, inhibits inflammation and helps the skin to regenerate. Glycerin softens the skin, plumps it up and helps retain moisture, making it a boon for dry skin. Provitamin B5 completes the cleansing effect by preventing pimples and blackheads and improving skin elasticity. Shop now to pamper your skin with the best skincare products supporting your personalized skincare routine created by the GESKE Beauty App.

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