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G.S Antaki S.A.R.L

G.S Antaki, member of Antaki Holding GPPK has been representing many brands with a distribution network spread all over the Lebanese territory covering all modern and traditional outlets. 

Our portfolio consists of three major categories: Small Electrical Home Appliances, Personal care and Outdoor and camping products.

55 years of professional expertise in hair and beautycare







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 BaByliss is the leading manufacturer of electrical personal care appliances, from hairdryers, straighteners, tongs and crimpers to hair clippers and trimmers, women’s hair removal products and beauty .

Much-loved hairstylist Lelievre worked in Paris in the 1960’s. With his professional experience, he improved the first ever curling tong built for hair stylists. He then began marketing & distributing his innovation to professionals as well as the public throughout Europe and the BaByliss brand was born!

BaByliss is renowned throughout Europe as the Professional’s choice for hair and personal care appliances. The company was established in Paris in 1960 to create hair drying and styling appliances for the hairdressing fraternity. During the mid-1960s it exported its first products to the UK and by the 1970s BaByliss had begun to create products for the high street, offering appliances with a professional heritage, for use at home. Each range is carefully tailored to the specific needs of different markets and BaByliss has spent the last 35 years working with leading hairdressers to research and develop appliances which enable both professionals and consumers to achieve perfect results both in the salon and at home.


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