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Campingaz® products, driven by the love of camping and nature and driven by the desire to create and innovate, are instinctive, inspired and at the same time smart solutions based on more than 70 years of experience . Campingaz® has won the trust of generations of customers and enthusiasts grilling with safe, reliable and well-built products you can rely on.
It really depends on little things ….A simple idea often creates a big idea. A young man who set out to marry his family in 1949, never he could not expect to change forever how people enjoy nature activities. He decided to create a revolutionary cartouche,which can be refilled and at the same time compact, easy to use and inexpensive. That was the beginning of Campingaz … and stay in the countryside thus gained freedom. From beaches to campsites, from gardens to mountains, Campingaz® innovations have changed Preparing food outdoors and adventure from the ground up. Something revolutionary came in each decade

In 2017, Campingaz introduces its premium Master Series. The Master Series combines all the innovative Campingaz® features and technologies, but has an improved InstaClean® system, high-performance stainless steel burners EvenTemp® and double-walled stainless steel lid inside smooth stainless steel body. Searing Boost Station moreover it ensures perfect fast roasting of steaks.

In 2016, Campingaz® is a very successful and well-known brand for grilling with a strong market share ** in the European market. It is number one in France in terms of the number of gas grills and plancha plates, number one in Switzerland in terms of quantity and value, number one in Italy in quantity,  number two in Belgium and the Netherlands by volume, with fast growth in Germany ** Source GFK 2016.

In 2006, Opening of the ATC (Asian Technical Center) for quality assurance and technical support for all products manufactured in China. More than 100 employees and controllers responsible for managing development to ensure top quality.

In 2000, Combining simplicity, attractive construction and excellent performance in affordable grills, the Expert range is still the most the Campingaz® grill throughout Europe.

In 1998, Development of Campingaz RBS® (Radiant Burner System) technology. The RBS® burner works by reflecting the heat from the furnace for it uniform distribution and prevents the formation of high flames.

In 1997, Campingaz® Italia starts production . In order to increase production, Campingaz moved the production of grills to the Italian CGIT factory.

In 1996, Campingaz becomes part of the Coleman Company, Inc., strengthening the link between companies.

In 1994, The first Campingaz® fully gas grill is launched. The “Ranchero” grill was designed and manufactured directly by the company at ADG in Lyon, France. It was the first gas grill to be built and sold in Europe. Soft cooling devices are added to the refrigeration menu.

In 1977, Isotherm’s revolutionary line of solid refrigeration systems for maintaining and transporting fresh food.

In 1955, Introduction of the renowned Campingaz Bleuet® cookers and cartridges, which have become a model for easy food preparation.

In 1949, Campingaz founded. The company was founded by 3 French engineers: Colomb, Corlet and Sillon.


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