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The roots of ANTAKI Holding GPPK date back to 1947 when Gabriel S. Antaki, the founder of the family business, officially registered his company under his name.

Initially, the company operated as a sole proprietorship primarily in the field of photography. It enjoyed slow but continuous growth until the outbreak of the Civil War in Lebanon in 1975.

In that year, Selim and Farid Antaki joined the firm and followed in their father’s footsteps by strengthening the family business and establishing additional companies in the following years. The company expanded by acquiring the exclusive distribution rights for various brands in the electronics, communication, and home appliances sectors.

In 1987, the company underwent a reorganization and was established as a new holding company called ANTAKI HOLDING S.A.L.

Moving ahead to 2006, Selim Antaki established his own holding company, ANTAKI GPPK S.A.L, with the aim of managing various operations. The name ANTAKI GPPK derives from the initials of Selim Antaki’s children, Gaby, Pamela, Paola, and Karl Antaki, who currently contribute their assets to the company and work towards its continuous growth.

Today, the Holding manages and finances several companies with a prestigious portfolio of brands in various sectors. These companies are renowned for their robust and well-established network of distribution, retail, market, manufacturing, and service expertise.

Who’s Selim Antaki?

Antaki GPPK Holding CEO

Selim Antaki, An American university of Beirut Graduate ,is the CEO of Antaki GPPK Holding, has been the sole owner, CEO, and founder of Antaki Holding GPPK for the past 48 years. He is an accomplished business development professional with extensive knowledge in the consumer electronics industry. Selim Antaki excels in negotiation, marketing management, business planning, retail, and sales. Throughout his career, he has formed numerous partnerships with international brands.Operating in the Lebanese market, ANTAKI HOLDING gppk S.A.L. is managing several companies:(GS. Antaki ,BROTHERS ELECTRONICS S.A.R.L, BEYTECH S.A.R.L, ACES SAL, Pro Adv. S.A.R.L, Logistics S.A.L. …).



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