About Antaki



The roots of the ANTAKI Holding GPPK were firmly planted in 1947, when the family business founder, Gabriel S. Antaki, officially registered his company in his name.

The company was initially set up as a sole proprietorship dealing mainly in the photographic field of business; in addition to have enjoyed a slow but continuous growth until the break of the Civil War in 1975 in Lebanon.

In 1975, Selim and Farid Antaki joined the firm and continued in their father’s footsteps by reinforcing the family business; and establishing a number of companies in the years to come. Expansion came when they acquired the sole distributorship of a number of brands in the sectors of electronics, communication and home appliances.

Later in 1987, the company was reorganized and re-established as a new holding company structure under the name of ANTAKI HOLDING S.A.L.

Fast forward to 2006, Selim Antaki established his own holding ANTAKI gppk S.A.L aimed to handle different operations. The name ANTAKI gppk came from the initials of Selim Antaki’s own children, Gaby, Pamela, Paola and Karl Antaki who are contributing assets to the company today and work for its continuous growth.

Today, the Holding manages and finances several companies who boast a distinguished portfolio of brands in different sectors. The companies are recognized for their strong and established network of distribution, retail, market, manufacturing and services knowledge.


Our vision is to be the first partner of choice for our customers, suppliers and employees by hastening their success through our resources, services, and culture.

Our core values of customer service, integrity and teamwork, guide our decision making and allow us to attain our goals and reach our highest potential.

Most importantly, we believe that customer satisfaction is a fundamental factor of growth. Thus, we’re continuously shaping our commitment to exceed customers’ expectations and create strong long-term relationships with them.

Above all, we team up with our suppliers based on the quality of their work, their professionalism and their ability to meet our market requirements.

Moreover, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Their commitment, devotion and energy, are the key ingredients to the company’s  success.

Who’s Selim Antaki?

Selim Antaki

ceo & fOUNDER

Selim Antaki has been the sole owner, CEO and founder of Antaki Holding GPPK for the past 48 years. He’s an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business planning, retail, and sales. Strong business development professional graduated from American University of Beirut.