According to the German Hypertension Society, high blood pressure is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In Germany, roughly one in three adults experiences hypertension – amongst those over 70, this is actually three in four people. A particular difficulty is that hypertension is generally not recognisable through specific symptoms – which is why high blood pressure is often described as the “silent killer”. With the BM 51 easyClip, Beurer is launching a new upper arm blood pressure monitor which features an innovative cuff and is particularly easy to use.

Elderly people in particular often have difficulties with putting a conventional blood pressure cuff on the upper arm. With the easyClip cuff of the new BM 51, this challenge is now a thing of the past. Its innovative design means it can be put on the upper arm very easily and with just one movement. The cuff therefore stands out by being particularly easy to use; an advantage both during at-home use, as well as in clinical practice or at the GP’s. It can also be used by a wide range of people, as it can accommodate upper arm circumferences of 22-42 cm.

BM 51 easyClip: quick and easy blood pressure measurement

1.) Clip the cuff on to your upper arm with just one movement

2.) Close the hook-and-loop fastener, ensuring a snug fit

3.) Start the blood pressure measurement

The corresponding blood pressure monitor has also been designed for easy and comfortable use. The product is equipped with inflation technology which ensures that the measurement is already taken while the cuff is inflating, making blood pressure measurement faster and more comfortable. The risk indicator, a colored scale for classifying measurements, helps the user in interpreting their measurements. Directly after the measurement, the white, illuminated XL display makes it easy to read whether the blood pressure value is too low, too high or normal. The device features two user memories for 100 measured values each. Likewise, the average value of all saved measurements, as well as the average value for the morning and evening blood pressure from the last seven days can be displayed. While blood pressure is being measured, the arrhythmia detection function of the BM 51 can also detect possible heart rhythm irregularities. The medical device features an automatic switch-off system and emits a message in the event of incorrect usage, whilst its measurement accuracy has been clinically validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

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