13 August 2019 – Successful innovations: two new Beurer products won over the experts of ETM TESTMAGAZIN in a special test. The stress releaZer received a test rating of “VERY GOOD”, and the cellulite releaZer was rated as “GOOD”. The two devices were rated particularly highly as regards functionality, finish and battery life.
stress releaZer: breathing trainer and relaxation aid
One way of reducing stress is to perform conscious breathing exercises. Using the stress releaZer and the compatible “beurer CalmDown” app, you can analyse your own stress perception and are then provided with support in the relaxation process. The method used to reduce stress is heart rate variability (HRV) training. The product is placed on the diaphragm area and specifies a special breathing rhythm for the user. A vibration motor with low-frequency oscillations provides relaxation of the central nerve tracts in this area, making it easier for the user to switch off. The versatile features of the device were praised in particular, for example, the three breathing cycles (10/12/14 seconds) which the user can select as they desire, along with the additional light and heat function. In the free “beurer CalmDown” app, an individual training programme with reminder function can also be created and it is possible to round off the training units with relaxing musical compositions (forest/jungle/ocean). The stress releaZer also stood out with its ease of use and effectiveness. The product played a clear part in reducing stress among all the test participants.

cellulite releaZer: anti-cellulite massage for smooth, firm skin
At last, there is a product on the market that is scientifically proven to target cellulite*! The Beurer cellulite releaZer increases microcirculation in the tissue, and accelerates the reduction of fat molecules through the targeted use of vibration massage. This demonstrably and visibly tones up the deep tissue. During the treatment, the user first massages their thighs with the nub side of the device. They then glide the device towards the centre of the body using the coloured edge. In the test, the product stood out with its excellent finish and ease of use. Two massage programmes and three intensity levels are available. Non-slip handles with a soft-touch
surface make it easier to use the device. Another advantage: the product is water-resistant (IPX 5) and therefore suitable for use in the shower. For the best results, the cellulite releaZer should be used every two days.