Many people spend most of their everyday working day sitting down. This puts a lot of strain on our backs. As a result, we develop back pain due to a static posture. Under the name “8sense by beurer”, the health specialist Beurer, together with the start up 8sense, is launching the smart sensor clip PC 100 PostureControl with an app onto the market in order to counteract back pain in a targeted manner. The virtual coach can record, analyse and improve posture and body movements. On 10 and 11 July, the product will be showcased at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin.
The innovative clip is attached unobtrusively to the back of the neck area, centred on the collar of the clothing, and can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth®. The device automatically records micro-movements, periods of being upright, changes in position and active breaks using body scanning. The sensor emits a gentle vibration if you stay sitting in the same position for too long; this vibration prompts the user to change their sitting position. The recorded data can be retrieved and assessed using the free “8sense” app.
Virtual back coach for increased dynamism in everyday life
The posture control helps the user to consciously work on their everyday habits. It supports a dynamic manner of sitting, e.g. with frequent changes of position. One-sided strain of the muscles is therefore prevented and it helps you to be more aware of your own body. The PC 100 PostureControl motivates you to achieve individual activity goals and to move more, in your lunch break for example.
In the future, it will be possible to compare your own results with the average values of other app users in the community area and receive tips to help you maintain a healthy back. A training module is also to be integrated into the app. The virtual back coach recommends exercises for the office or for at home here in order to make your day-to-day life more active. Short videos show how the user can effectively counteract back
problems and stretch/strengthen muscle groups in a targeted manner. This makes it easy to do something good for your back health in the long term.
Technical data:
PC 100 PostureControl

  • Dimensions: 60 x 25 x 7.2 mm
  • Weight: approx. 14 g (incl. USB charging adapter)
  • Includes “8sense” app, data transfer: Bluetooth®